Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

1. What is “YPG Mobile”? What are YPG Mobile applications?

Mobile devices like the BlackBerry® and the iPhone/iPod touch are increasingly popular in Canada, and these devices aren’t just about email and phone anymore; they’re used for mobile browsing as people research and find their way to merchants while they’re out of the home or office.

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our advertisers and deliver the most up to date search tools to our employees, Yellow Pages Group has created applications for these mobile devices to ensure that merchant content is available to buyers – even when they’re on the go.

More specifically we have created applications for the most popular devices on the iPhone, BlackBerry®, Android, and Windows Phone 7 platforms. In addition, we have developed a mobile optimized site at which allows smartphone users, no matter their device – from the older Motorola RAZR to the newer Apple iPhone 3GS – to access Yellow Pages Group content from their mobile phones.

2. What are the main features of the YPG Mobile applications?

Using the same database as we use for online searches at, the YPG Mobile applications supports the following features (updated to Nov. 4th, 2009):

  • Business, Person and Reverse phone look-up
  • Local proximity based search, using the GPS & maps
  • Detailed information on businesses listing, photos, videos (when available)
  • Save to your favourites (My Favs) and/or to your address book
  • Share listing results to others via e-mail or SMS

3. Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free! Simply download your application, reboot your phone if prompted and start FINDING everything you need on the go!

4. How can I download the YPG Mobile application?

There are three ways in which to download the YPG applications, in order of simplicity:

5. How long does it take to download the YPG Mobile application?

Most applications take approximately 1 minute to download. Application download times will vary based on the application size, carrier and your handset.

6. Can I receive a call when I am using the YPG mobile application?

While using the YPG Mobile application, the incoming call will automatically pause the application. Once your call is complete, you have the option to resume using the application. You won't have to miss a call.

7. The YPG Mobile application isn't available for my phone, is there another way to search Yellow Pages Group mobile listings?

Yes, another way to access YPG listings from your mobile phone is through the Internet. Just open an Internet browser and go to . Be sure and set this website as a "Favorite" for easy future access.

Technical questions

8. I have downloaded the application and it is not working, no matter what I do?

On a BlackBerry device, find the Options button (wrench icon) and follow the path  >Options>Advanced Options>Applications, then delete the YPG application, reboot the device and download once again.

If the above option does not work, or the device is hung/looping, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, insert the battery, reboot the device and download once again.

9. How do I rate or review the YPG application?

It is very important for YPG to interact with its mobile audience and are very interested in all comments and reviews/ratings that our users provide. We ask all YPG employees to encourage their family, friends and customers to provide reviews and feedback whenever possible. The easiest way to do this is through the app stores as listed above in the Download section (Q3).

10. How can I submit feedback or share an opinion?

We encourage all interaction with our users, to give your feedback or opinion about a specific suggestion, issue or bug, you can email the YPG mobile team at: This email can also be accessed through the app stores as listed above in the Download section (Q3).

11. Does my phone support mobile browsing?

Most phones sold today have mini-browsers included. If you’re unsure if your phone supports wireless browsing, check with your carrier or your phone's user manual.

12. Which carriers will support the YPG Mobile application?

The YPG Mobile site is available through any carrier that supports wireless phone web browsing. Some carriers require consumers to subscribe to a data or Internet package before browsing the web. Some carriers allow consumers to surf the web, but charge extra for accessing wireless content.

13. What is text messaging (SMS), and how do I use it?

Text messaging, or Short Message Service ("SMS"), is a service offered by most wireless service providers for most mobile phones, that allows you to send and receive short text-based messages of up to 160 characters in length. This service can be used to exchange messages with your friends or in the case of Yellow Pages Group, interact with the YPG SMS service at 411411 to ask for more details regarding an advertiser or get the links for our mobile applications.

Most wireless service providers require you to subscribe to a messaging plan in order to send and/or receive messages. There are a wide variety of plans - some charge subscribers fees based on each message, some charge for a set number of messages, and some providers offer unlimited services. Please contact your wireless service provider for more information about text messaging, service plans, rules and regulations, and usage instructions.

14. What is the Mobile Web, and how do I use it?

Mobile Web sites are similar to regular Web sites, but they are specially formatted to work with a wide variety of mobile devices; smaller screens, less graphics, faster to load. To access the mobile Web, most service providers require you to have a data access plan of some kind. The pricing for data plans vary - some charge you for the amount of data you use, some charge flat rates, others deduct minutes from your voice plan.

Because each phone is different, the steps to access the mobile Web can be different. On many phones, there is a button right on the device that will launch your browser. Others have 'mobile Web' or 'Internet' as an option in the main menu. Please contact your wireless service provider for more details on data plan requirements and use instructions.

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