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Yellow Pages SMS search features:

  • Find a Business
  • Find a Person

What is Yellow Pages text message search?

SMS/Text Messaging provides a means to send short text messages to and from mobile phones. Search for local businesses using your mobile phone by simply texting a keyword or category and your location to the appropriate number.

How much does it cost?

Yellow Pages Group does not charge for text messages to or from the service, however you may be charged a standard rate per message by your carrier.

How does it work?

Send a text message to 411411 with keyword or category followed by a comma and the location (city or postal code). You can also perform a reverse look-up by texting a business phone number.
Note: The first time you use the system you will be prompted to set your language preference. Reply "en" for English or "fr" for French.

How to find:

To find a BUSINESS in Canada send keyword(s).

  • pizza
  • florist

To find PIZZA near YOU send keyword,postalcode

  • pizza, M5V2T6
  • pizza, M5V

To find a TAXI in a CITY send keyword,city

  • taxi, toronto
  • taxi, vancouver

To find a business by reverse look-up send the ten digit phone number.

  • 4164125999
  • 416-412-5999

You will find up to 9 results. To get more results after the first set, reply with "m" or "more". The results are ordered by proximity so only the most relevant businesses to your specified location are returned. For the most accurate results by proximity, please use full postal code in your query. To do a quick national search, text your keywords without a comma or location. Examples:

  • insurance brokers
  • courier service
  • clinics medical
  • pizza

Find a Person

You can find a person listed on by sending firstname.lastname@city.province to 411411. To Find "John Smith in Calgary Alberta" you may send a text in one of the formats listed below.

  • FirstName.LastName@City.Province - Ex. john.smith@calgary.ab
  • FirstInitial.LastName@City.Province - Ex. j.smith@calgary.ab
  • LastName@City.Province - Ex. smith@calgary.ab

You will find up to 25 results. To get more results after the first set, reply with "m" or "more"

You can also do reverse look-up for residential phone numbers.

NOTE: Residential numbers which also have a Yellow Pages listing may return business address information.


For help finding a business, at any time, text "h" or "help". For help finding a person, text "c411". You will receive a message with a number of Help topics. Reply to the message with the topic number to get more details.

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